Commit 0bf2c140 authored by Heiko Lewin's avatar Heiko Lewin
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Merge branch 'uninitialised-var-in-recording' into 'master'

Fix two uninitialised variables in _cairo_recording_surface_snapshot()

See merge request cairo/cairo!95
parents 979382dd be61878a
......@@ -1582,6 +1582,8 @@ _cairo_recording_surface_snapshot (void *abstract_other)
surface->indices = NULL;
surface->num_indices = 0;
surface->optimize_clears = TRUE;
surface->has_bilevel_alpha = other->has_bilevel_alpha;
surface->has_only_op_over = other->has_only_op_over;
_cairo_array_init (&surface->commands, sizeof (cairo_command_t *));
status = _cairo_recording_surface_copy (surface, other);
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