Verified Commit b72807e6 authored by Jan Alexander Steffens's avatar Jan Alexander Steffens Committed by Jan Alexander Steffens

rtph264pay: Support STAP-A bundling

Add a new property "do-aggregate"* to the H.264 RTP payloader which
enables STAP-A aggregation as per [RFC-6184][1]. With aggregation enabled,
packets are bundled instead of sent immediately, up until the MTU size.
Bundles also end at access unit boundaries or when packets have to be

*: The property-name is kept generic since it might apply more widely,
   e.g. STAP-B or MTAP.

Closes gstreamer/gst-plugins-good#434
parent 8eef9f79
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......@@ -79,6 +79,11 @@ struct _GstRtpH264Pay
gboolean delta_unit;
/* TRUE if the next NALU processed should have the DISCONT flag */
gboolean discont;
/* aggregate buffers with STAP-A */
GstBufferList *bundle;
guint bundle_size;
gboolean do_aggregate;
struct _GstRtpH264PayClass
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