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    clients: Add simple-hdr-video client · 30db870b
    Harish Krupo authored
    The client uses ffmpeg to decode videos and to extract the colorspace
    information and HDR metadata. This metadata and colorspace
    information is sent using the colorspace-unstable-v1-protocol and
    hdr-metadata-v1-protocol to the compositor along with the buffer.
    The client supports YUV420 and YUV420_10 bit formats. It converts the
    YUV420_10 bit format to P010 (interleaved) format.
    P010 format support was introduced in mesa from the following commit:
    mesa/mesa@2a2e69f9Signed-off-by: Harish Krupo's avatarHarish Krupo <harish.krupo.kps@intel.com>
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