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msdk: adjust the stride align

GstAllocationParams::align is set to 31 in msdkdec/msdken/msdkvpp, hence
the stride align should be greater than or equal to 31, otherwise it
will result in issue
(msdk: "GStreamer-CRITICAL: gst_buffer_resize_range failed" SPAM),

In addition, the stride for a surface in the media driver is aligned to
128, so we should set the stride align in this plugin to 127, which may
avoid the NV12 issue mentioned in commit 3f2314a1

Fixed gstreamer/gst-plugins-bad#861
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......@@ -234,7 +234,7 @@ gst_msdk_set_video_alignment (GstVideoInfo * info, guint alloc_w, guint alloc_h,
gst_video_alignment_reset (alignment);
for (i = 0; i < GST_VIDEO_INFO_N_PLANES (info); i++)
alignment->stride_align[i] = 15; /* 16-byte alignment */
alignment->stride_align[i] = 127; /* 128-byte alignment */
alignment->padding_right = GST_ROUND_UP_16 (alloc_w) - width;
alignment->padding_bottom = GST_ROUND_UP_32 (alloc_h) - height;
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