Commit 4901f35c authored by Hannah Rittich's avatar Hannah Rittich Committed by Peter Hutterer
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Corrected comments in keysymdef.h.

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......@@ -2138,7 +2138,7 @@ SOFTWARE.
#define XK_dintegral 0x100222C /* U+222C DOUBLE INTEGRAL */
#define XK_tintegral 0x100222D /* U+222D TRIPLE INTEGRAL */
#define XK_because 0x1002235 /* U+2235 BECAUSE */
#define XK_approxeq 0x1002248 /* U+2245 ALMOST EQUAL TO */
#define XK_approxeq 0x1002248 /* U+2248 ALMOST EQUAL TO */
#define XK_notapproxeq 0x1002247 /* U+2247 NOT ALMOST EQUAL TO */
#define XK_notidentical 0x1002262 /* U+2262 NOT IDENTICAL TO */
#define XK_stricteq 0x1002263 /* U+2263 STRICTLY EQUIVALENT TO */
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