Commit e6e3afe6 authored by Gurchetan Singh's avatar Gurchetan Singh 💬
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radeonsi: attempt to disable dcc with PIPE_HANDLE_USAGE_FRAMEBUFFER_WRITE too

Previously, we attempted to disable dcc anytime PIPE_HANDLE_USAGE_WRITE
was set.  That recently changed, and that caused some gbm map
tests to regress on CrOS.

Fixes: 8ad12c ("gallium: rework PIPE_HANDLE_USAGE_* flags")
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......@@ -759,7 +759,8 @@ static boolean si_texture_get_handle(struct pipe_screen* screen,
* disable it for external clients that want write
* access.
if (usage & PIPE_HANDLE_USAGE_SHADER_WRITE && tex->dcc_offset) {
&& tex->dcc_offset) {
if (si_texture_disable_dcc(sctx, tex)) {
update_metadata = true;
/* si_texture_disable_dcc flushes the context */
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