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<!ENTITY gst-branch-stable "1.20">
<!ENTITY gst-version-stable "1.20.2">
<!ENTITY gst-version-stable "1.20.3">
<!ENTITY gst-version-devel "git main">
<!ENTITY orc-version-stable "0.4.32">
......@@ -12170,6 +12170,70 @@ Release tarballs can be downloaded directly here:
<a href="&site;/src/gst-omx/gst-omx-1.20.2.tar.xz">gst-omx</a>, or
<a href="&site;/src/gstreamer-docs/gstreamer-docs-1.20.2.tar.xz">gstreamer-docs</a>.
<date>2022-06-15 23:00</date>
<title>GStreamer 1.20.3 stable bug fix release</title>
The GStreamer team is pleased to announce the third bug fix release in the
stable 1.20 release series of your favourite cross-platform
multimedia framework!
This release only contains important security fixes. It should be safe to update from 1.20.x
and we recommend you upgrade at your earliest convenience.
<b>Highlighted bugfixes:</b>
<li>Security fixes in Matroska, MP4 and AVI demuxers</li>
<li>Fix scrambled video playback with hardware-accelerated VA-API decoders on certain Intel hardware</li>
<li>playbin3/decodebin3 regression fix for unhandled streams</li>
<li>Fragmented MP4 playback fixes</li>
<li>Android H.265 encoder mapping</li>
<li>Playback of MXF files produced by older FFmpeg versions</li>
<li>Fix rtmp2sink crashes on 32-bit platforms</li>
<li>WebRTC improvements</li>
<li>D3D11 video decoder and screen recorder fixes</li>
<li>Performance improvements</li>
<li>Support for building against OpenCV 4.6 and other build fixes</li>
<li>Miscellaneous bug fixes, memory leak fixes, and other stability and reliability improvements</li>
See the <a href="&site;/releases/1.20/#1.20.3">GStreamer 1.20.3 release notes</a>
for more details.
Binaries for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows will be available shortly.
Release tarballs can be downloaded directly here:
<a href="&site;/src/gstreamer/gstreamer-1.20.3.tar.xz">gstreamer</a>,
<a href="&site;/src/gst-plugins-base/gst-plugins-base-1.20.3.tar.xz">gst-plugins-base</a>,
<a href="&site;/src/gst-plugins-good/gst-plugins-good-1.20.3.tar.xz">gst-plugins-good</a>,
<a href="&site;/src/gst-plugins-ugly/gst-plugins-ugly-1.20.3.tar.xz">gst-plugins-ugly</a>,
<a href="&site;/src/gst-plugins-bad/gst-plugins-bad-1.20.3.tar.xz">gst-plugins-bad</a>,
<a href="&site;/src/gst-libav/gst-libav-1.20.3.tar.xz">gst-libav</a>,
<a href="&site;/src/gst-rtsp-server/gst-rtsp-server-1.20.3.tar.xz">gst-rtsp-server</a>,
<a href="&site;/src/gst-python/gst-python-1.20.3.tar.xz">gst-python</a>,
<a href="&site;/src/gst-editing-services/gst-editing-services-1.20.3.tar.xz">gst-editing-services</a>,
<a href="&site;/src/gst-devtools/gst-devtools-1.20.3.tar.xz">gst-devtools</a>,
<a href="&site;/src/gstreamer-vaapi/gstreamer-vaapi-1.20.3.tar.xz">gstreamer-vaapi</a>,
<a href="&site;/src/gstreamer-sharp/gstreamer-sharp-1.20.3.tar.xz">gstreamer-sharp</a>,
<a href="&site;/src/gst-omx/gst-omx-1.20.3.tar.xz">gst-omx</a>, or
<a href="&site;/src/gstreamer-docs/gstreamer-docs-1.20.3.tar.xz">gstreamer-docs</a>.
......@@ -2,11 +2,11 @@
GStreamer 1.20.0 was originally released on 3 February 2022.
The latest bug-fix release in the 1.20 series is [1.20.2](#1.20.2) and was released on 2 May 2022.
The latest bug-fix release in the 1.20 series is [1.20.3](#1.20.3) and was released on 15 June 2022.
See [][latest] for the latest version of this document.
*Last updated: Monday 2 May 2022, 0:30 UTC [(log)][gitlog]*
*Last updated: Monday 15 June 2022, 17:00 UTC [(log)][gitlog]*
......@@ -1409,6 +1409,190 @@ suggestions or helped testing. Thank you all!
- [List of Merge Requests applied in 1.20.2](
- [List of Issues fixed in 1.20.2](
<a name="1.20.3"></a>
### 1.20.3
The third 1.20 bug-fix release (1.20.3) was released on 15 June 2022.
This release only contains bugfixes and it should be safe to upgrade from 1.20.x.
#### Highlighted bugfixes in 1.20.3
- Security fixes in Matroska, MP4 and AVI demuxers
- Fix scrambled video playback with hardware-accelerated VA-API decoders on certain Intel hardware
- playbin3/decodebin3 regression fix for unhandled streams
- Fragmented MP4 playback fixes
- Android H.265 encoder mapping
- Playback of MXF files produced by FFmpeg before March 2022
- Fix rtmp2sink crashes on 32-bit platforms
- WebRTC improvements
- D3D11 video decoder and screen recorder fixes
- Performance improvements
- Support for building against OpenCV 4.6 and other build fixes
- Miscellaneous bug fixes, memory leak fixes, and other stability and reliability improvements
#### gstreamer
- [clock: Avoid creating a weakref with every entry (performance improvement)](
- [plugin: add Apache 2 license to list of known licenses to avoid warning](
- [gst_plugin_load_file: force plugin reload if filename differs](
- [Add support for LoongArch](
##### Base Libraries
- [aggregator: Only send events up to `CAPS` event from `gst_aggregator_set_src_caps()`, don't send multiple caps events with the same caps and fix negotiation in muxers](
- [basetransform: handle `gst_base_transform_query_caps()` returning `NULL`](
- [basetransform: fix critical if `transform_caps()` returned `NULL`](
- [queuearray: Fix potential heap overflow when expanding GstQueueArray](
##### Core Elements
- [multiqueue: fix potential crash on shutdown](
- [multiqueue: fix warning: ‘is_query’ may be used uninitialized in this function](
- [multiqueue: SegFault during flushing with gcc11](
#### gst-plugins-base
- [audioconvert: If no channel-mask can be fixated then use a NONE channel layout](
- [playbin3: Configure combiner on `pad-added` if needed](
- [parsebin: Fix assertions/regression when dealing with un-handled streams]( (fixes regression in 1.20.2)
- [appsink: Fix race condition on caps handling](
- [oggdemux: Protect against invalid framerates](
- [rtcpbuffer: Allow padding on first reduced size packets](
- [gl: check for xlib-xcb.h header to fix build of tests on macOS with homebrew](
- [videoaggregator: unref temporary caps](
- [v4l2videoenc: Setup crop rectangle if needed](
##### Tools
- [gst-play-1.0: Print position even if duration is unknown](
- [gst-device-monitor-1.0: Print string property as-is without additional escaping](
#### gst-plugins-good
- [aacparse: Avoid mismatch between `src_caps` and `output_header_type`](
- [avidemux: Fix integer overflow resulting in heap corruption in DIB buffer inversion code]( (Security fix)
- [deinterlace: Clean up error handling code](
- [flvdemux: Actually make use of the debug category](
- [gtkglsink: Fix double-free when OpenGL can't be initialised](
- [jack: Add support for detecting libjack on Windows](
- [matroskademux: Avoid integer-overflow resulting in heap corruption in WavPack header handling code]( (Security fix)
- [matroskademux, qtdemux: Fix integer overflows in zlib/bz2/etc decompression code]( (Security fix)
- [qtdemux: Don't use `tfdt` for parsing subsequent `trun` boxes](
- [rtpbin: Avoid holding `GST_RTP_BIN_LOCK` when emitting `pad-added` signal (to avoid deadlocks)](
- [rtpptdemux: Don't GST_FLOW_ERROR when ignoring invalid packets](
- [smpte: Fix integer overflow with possible heap corruption in GstMask creation.]( (Security fix)
- [smpte: integer overflow with possible heap corruption in GstMask creation]( (Security fix)
- [soup: fix soup debug category initialisation](
- [soup: Fix plugin/element init](
- [v4l2: Reset transfer in gst_v4l2_object_acquire_format()](
- [vpxenc: fix crash if encoder produces unmatching timestamp](
- [wavparse: ensure that any pending segment is sent before an EOS event is sent](
#### gst-plugins-bad
- [androidmedia: Add H.265 encoder mapping](
- [avfvideosrc: fix wrong framerate selected for caps](
- [d3d11decoder: Fix for alternate interlacing signalling](
- [d3d11decoder: Do not preallocate texture using downstream d3d11 buffer pool](
- [d3d11decoder: Copy HDR10 related caps field manually](
- [d3d11decoder: Work around Intel DXVA driver crash](
- [d3d11screencapture: Set viewport when drawing mouse cursor](
- [d3d11screencapture: Fix missing/outdated cursor shape](
- [d3d11screencapturesrc: Fix crash when d3d11 device is different from owned one](
- [h264decoder: Fix for unhandled low-delay decoding case](
- [matroskademux, qtdemux: Fix integer overflows in zlib/bz2/etc decompression code]( (Security fix)
- [mpegtsmux: Make sure to set srcpad caps under all conditions before outputting the first buffer](
- [mpegtsmux: sends segment before caps](
- [mxfdemux: Handle files produced by legacy FFmpeg](
- [nvh264dec,nvh265dec: Don't realloc bitstream buffer per slice](
- [nvcodec: cuda-converter: fix nvrtc compilation on non-English locale systems](
- [opencv: Allow building against 4.6.x](
- [pcapparse: Set timestamp in DTS, not PTS](
- [rtmp2: fix allocation of GstRtmpMeta which caused crashes on 32-bit platforms](
- [rtmp2sink crash on Android arm 32 - cerbero](
- [sdpdemux: Release request pads from rtpbin when freeing a stream](
- [va: Add O_CLOEXEC flag at opening drm device (so subprocesses won't have access to it)](
- [webrtcbin: Reject answers that don't contain the same number of m-line as offer](
- [webrtc: datachannel: Notify low buffered amount according to spec](
#### gst-plugins-ugly
- No changes
#### gst-libav
- No changes
#### gst-rtsp-server
- No changes
#### gstreamer-vaapi
- [vaapi: Do not disable the whole vpp when some va operations not available](
- [vaapidecode, vaapipostproc: Disable DMAbuf from caps negotiation](
- [scrambled video with some Intel graphics cards](
#### gstreamer-sharp
- No changes
#### gst-omx
- No changes
#### gst-python
- No changes
#### gst-editing-services
- [ges/videourisource: handle non-1/1 PAR source videos](
#### gst-examples:
- No changes
#### Development build environment + gst-full build
- [Update libnice subproject wrap to 0.1.19](
- [meson: use better zlib dependency fallback](
- [meson: Fix deprecation warnings](
#### Cerbero build tool and packaging changes in 1.20.3
- [Set `GSTREAMER_1_0_ROOT_[MSVC_]X86_64` root environment variable in System section (not User section)](
- [bootstrap: Add perl-FindBin dep needed by openssl (which is not installed by default on RedHat systems)](
- [Also add `build-tools/local/bin` to `PATH` on Linux](
- [Add a variant to control building of the JACK plugin](
- [libnice: update to 0.1.19 (fixes some WebRTC issues)](
- [zlib: update to 1.2.12](
#### Bindings
- No changes
#### Contributors to 1.20.3
Adam Doupe, Alicia Boya García, Bastien Nocera, Corentin Damman,
Damian Hobson-Garcia, Diogo Goncalves, Edward Hervey, Eli Schwartz,
Erwann Gouesbet, Guillaume Desmottes, He Junyan, Hou Qi, Jakub Adam,
James Hilliard, Jan Alexander Steffens (heftig), Jan Schmidt, Matthew Waters,
Nicolas Dufresne, Nirbheek Chauhan, Olivier Crête, Philippe Normand,
Rabindra Harlalka, Ruben Gonzalez, Sebastian Dröge, Seungha Yang,
Stéphane Cerveau, Thibault Saunier, Tim-Philipp Müller, Tom Schuring,
U. Artie Eoff, Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal, WANG Xuerui, Xavier Claessens,
... and many others who have contributed bug reports, translations, sent
suggestions or helped testing. Thank you all!
#### List of merge requests and issues fixed in 1.20.3
- [List of Merge Requests applied in 1.20.3](
- [List of Issues fixed in 1.20.3](
## Schedule for 1.22
Our next major feature release will be 1.22, and 1.21 will be the unstable development version leading up to the stable 1.22 release. The development of 1.21/1.22 will happen in the git main branch.
# GStreamer Releases
- **Latest stable release:** [1.20.2][latest-stable]
- **Latest stable release:** [1.20.3][latest-stable]
- **Latest development release:** [git `main`][latest-devel]
### Current release
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