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      meson: update README · 478a98e2
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      meson: small README.meson update · c26461dd
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      meson: update documentation · 2653a6f1
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      Add experimental support for building with the Meson build system · 39bc9267
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      This adds experimental support for building FFmpeg with
      the Meson build system: https://mesonbuild.com
      The Meson build system is being adopted by projects
      such as GNOME, GStreamer, systemd, Xorg, Mesa, Wayland,
      possibly even VLC (there's a GSoC project to port it).
      It features a simple domain specific language for build
      descriptions which is not Turing complete.
      The build has been tested on Debian, Arch Linux and
      MacOS High Sierra. It also builds on Windows with MSVC
      using the ninja backend, but for now only with
      Cross-compilation is of course also supported, but
      has not been tested yet for this build.
      This port is neither perfect yet nor feature-equivalent with the
      configure build script, but all the component selection dependency
      logic and infrastructure should be there, so it should not be too
      difficult to flesh it out and complete any missing bits if there
      is interest.
      For the time being Meson from git is required because we heavily
      rely on the newly-added dict support in our build description. This
      is only temporary though, there should be a new Meson 0.47 release
      out soon. It is possible to use Meson directly from a git checkout
      in the meantime, as long as ninja is installed.