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......@@ -13,12 +13,42 @@ and MacOS, or with the installer on Windows, then in FFmpeg:
meson build && ninja -C build
Known to build on Debian, Arch Linux and MacOS High Sierra.
Build FFmpeg without external dependencies:
meson --auto-features=disabled build && ninja -C build
Currently only builds static libraries on Windows.
Known to build on Debian, Arch Linux and MacOS High Sierra.
# Running the tests:
meson test -C build
# Updating the FFmpeg base snapshot of the Meson port
It's complicated and at the moment not fully documented.
It should only be needed when updating from one feature version to another,
not for minor bug fix releases (assuming there aren't too many changes in
`configure` between minor bug fix releases).
The procedure is generally to run two scripts (`` and
``), replace the current generated files with them,
but make sure to bring back in the manual changes (that's the tedious part).
The two scripts can be run in any order.
- `` works in place, but you need to check the diff and
revert some of the changes.
- `` creates temporary files which you need
to copy paste from.
Then bump versions and check what changed in `configure` since the last time,
which is the other complicated bit, as it requires understanding of the
somewhat complex ffmpeg build system and of the way it was reimplemented
for the Meson port. Some documentation of that is at the top of ``.
Good luck!
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