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    Interplay MVE: Implement frame format 0x10 · 8f96da06
    Hein-Pieter van Braam authored
    This implements the 0x10 frame format for Interplay MVE movies. The
    format is a variation on the 0x06 format with some changes. In addition
    to the decoding map there's also a skip map. This skip map is used to
    determine what 8x8 blocks can change in a particular frame.
    This format expects to be able to copy an 8x8 block from before the last
    time it was changed. This can be an arbitrary time in the past. In order
    to implement this this decoder allocates two additional AVFrames where
    actual decoding happens. At the end of a frame decoding changed blocks
    are copied to a finished frame based on the skip map.
    The skip map's encoding is a little convulted, I'll refer to the code
    for details.
    Values in the decoding map are the same as in format 0x06.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarHein-Pieter van Braam <hp@tmm.cx>