Commit 03c09e43 authored by D Richard Felker III's avatar D Richard Felker III

Do not use GNU-specific (or BSD-specific or whatever they may be)

constants which are completely unneeded anyway. Note that 3 is a cheap
integer bound for log10(1<<CHAR_BIT).

Originally committed as revision 11902 to svn://
parent 9189411b
......@@ -196,10 +196,9 @@ static int udp_socket_create(UDPContext *s, struct sockaddr_storage *addr, int *
static int udp_port(struct sockaddr_storage *addr, int addr_len)
char sbuf[NI_MAXSERV];
char hbuf[NI_MAXHOST];
char sbuf[sizeof(int)*3+1];
if (getnameinfo((struct sockaddr *)addr, addr_len, hbuf, sizeof(hbuf), sbuf, sizeof(sbuf), NI_NUMERICHOST | NI_NUMERICSERV) != 0) {
if (getnameinfo((struct sockaddr *)addr, addr_len, NULL, 0, sbuf, sizeof(sbuf), NI_NUMERICSERV) != 0) {
av_log(NULL, AV_LOG_ERROR, "getnameinfo: %s\n", strerror(errno));
return -1;
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