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    • Tim-Philipp Müller's avatar
      index: remove GstIndex and GstIndexFactory for now · be04f394
      Tim-Philipp Müller authored
      There are many good use cases for GstIndex and we want
      to add it back again in some form, but possibly not with
      the current API, which is very powerful (maybe too powerful),
      but also a bit confusing. At the very least we'd need to
      make the API bindings-friendly.
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    • Sebastian Dröge's avatar
      Remove GST_DISABLE_(ENUMTYPES|INDEX|URI) everywhere. · 4bfb1fe7
      Sebastian Dröge authored
      Original commit message from CVS:
      * configure.ac:
      * docs/gst/gstreamer-sections.txt:
      * docs/gst/gstreamer.types:
      * docs/gst/gstreamer.types.in:
      * gst/Makefile.am:
      * gst/gst.c:
      * gst/gstbin.c: (gst_bin_class_init), (gst_bin_set_index_func):
      * gst/gstconfig.h.in:
      * gst/gstelement.c: (gst_element_get_index):
      * gst/gstregistrybinary.c: (gst_registry_binary_save_feature),
      * gst/gstregistryxml.c: (load_feature),
      (gst_registry_xml_read_cache), (gst_registry_xml_save_feature):
      * plugins/Makefile.am:
      * tools/gst-indent:
      * tools/gst-inspect.c: (print_index_info), (print_element_list),
      (print_plugin_features), (print_element_features):
      * tools/gst-xmlinspect.c: (print_event_masks),
      * win32/common/gstconfig.h:
      Remove GST_DISABLE_(ENUMTYPES|INDEX|URI) everywhere.
      Disabling the indexers and URI handler code will only reduce the
      required amount of memory by a very small amount but on the other hand
      requires much more maintaince work. Apart from that many places of
      code are broken when disabling them.
      Disabling the enum types doesn't reduce the required amount of memory
      by more than a few bytes and makes it hard to fix bugs like #539772,
      i.e. use the enums as GObject properties.
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