Commit c6bd520b authored by Stefan Sauer's avatar Stefan Sauer

docs: add a missing const in bytereader docs

This syncs the prototype with gstbytereader.h
parent dd5905c3
......@@ -520,7 +520,7 @@ gdouble gst_byte_reader_peek_float64_be_unchecked (GstByteReader * reader);
* Returns: (transfer none): a constant pointer to the current data position
const guint8 * gst_byte_reader_peek_data_unchecked (GstByteReader * reader);
const guint8 * gst_byte_reader_peek_data_unchecked (const GstByteReader * reader);
* gst_byte_reader_get_data_unchecked:
* @reader: a #GstByteReader instance
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