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    Introduce gst_element_request_pad_simple · 1a8dfdfc
    François Laignel authored
    The name `gst_element_get_request_pad()` is confusing to people
    learning GStreamer. `gst_element_request_pad_simple()` aims at
    providing the exact same functionality, while making it more
    explicit it is a simplified `gst_element_request_pad()`.
    `gst_element_request_pad_simple()` is consistent with other
    functions such as `gst_element_seek_simple`.
    This commit deprecates `gst_element_get_request_pad()` so that a
    compilation warning is emitted when used and incite developers
    to use the more explicit `gst_element_request_pad_simple()`.
    See also gstreamer-rs!743 (comment 886586)
    Part-of: <!802>
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