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gst-libav: avvideocompare add video meta in alloc query

U. Artie Eoff requested to merge ullysses.a.eoff/gstreamer:avcmp-video-meta into main

Fixes issue described in:

!3366 (comment 1896918)

cc: @tpm

Silly mistake! I removed this line that adds the video allocation meta when I updated it to pass through pools and allocs from downstream

The removal caused a regression in one of our internal BAT test cases in gstreamer-vaapi on older Intel platforms (vid->sys copy not triggered... so buf padding created problems?). This was captured when reconciling our cartwheel repo after this merged

I will submit a new MR here that reinstates this line... and fixes the issue (without new regressions). I have already added the fix to our cartwheel repo in

Edited by Tim-Philipp Müller

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