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Backport of "v4l2: videodec: Rework dynamic resolution change handling" into 1.22

Backport of !4437 (merged) "v4l2: videodec: Rework dynamic resolution change handling".


  • 1ca7f694 v4l2: videodec: Ensure object is inactive on failure
  • 52b916bd v4l2: videodec: Move the capture setup into the processing loop
  • 457dd19a v4l2: object: Fix bogus debug objects pointers
  • 5c820862 v4l2: object: Move the GstPoll into v4l2object
  • 66849fbd v4l2: videodec: Wait for source change event
  • 4dded209 v4l2: bufferpool: Don't assert when orphaning is not needed
  • fca61fad v4l2: videodec: Only warn of incomplete drain on success
  • 4a53beeb v4l2: videodec: Improve few logs
  • f58d5dfd v4l2: videodec: Remove the spurious srccaps probe
  • c6be3d75 v4l2: videodec: Don't forcibly drain on resolution changes
  • c9841a53 v4l2: bufferpool: Don't copy buffer when flushing
  • 00492234 v4l2: videodec: Detect flushes while setting up the capture
  • 51fa6a26 v4l2: pool: Flush events on capture queue

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