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rtpopusdepay, matroskamux: Fix invalid rate while muxing Opus in Matroska

Arun Raghavan requested to merge arun/gstreamer:rtpopusdepay-default-rate into main
  • matroskamux: Set rate/channels in Opus tempalte caps

    For some reason these were missed, and if caps didn't have them, we would emit an invalid Matroska file with a 0 value for Sampling Frequency or channels.

  • rtpopusdepay: Assume 48 kHz if sprop-maxcapturerate is missing

    This matches 7587, section 6.1:

    sprop-maxcapturerate: a hint about the maximum input sampling rate [...] bandwidths (Table 1). By default, the sender is assumed to have no limitations, i.e., 48000.

Edited by Arun Raghavan

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