Draft: gstreamer-full: add support for win64 with GStreamer MSI package installed


The GStreamer devel MSI package and pkgconfiglite must be installed on the machine


  • To support windows linker, the need for external deps in the tools definition with gstreamer-full should be fine tuned, see ff5d7b54.

  • Add a way to export gst_init_static_plugins to let g_module_open initialize the static plugins. e2d04249

  • validate: do not define Dllmain twice in static mode, see a68d1685


The devtools is still having an issue with gst-validate-images-check-1.0.exe due to a static link with libgstreamer-1.0.a resulting in multiple instance of gst_init()

A few other plugins need still to be disabled:

  • gst-plugins-good:lame=disabled (link issue, unresolved symbols)
  • gst-plugins-good:vpx=disabled (link issue, unresolved symbols)

Working configure line

$ meson builddir --default-library=static \
      -Ddoc=disabled -Ddevtools=disabled \
      -Dgst-plugins-good:lame=disabled \

Part of the effort on #1629

Edited by Stéphane Cerveau

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