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WIP: fixes needed by cerbero regarding the windows images

Nirbheek Chauhan requested to merge nirbheek/gstreamer:windows-image-fixes into main

Windows CI image generation happens here, so these changes need to be here.

ci/windows: Remove cargo-vendor sources from the cerbero source cache

Copying the source cache to a running Cerbero CI job on Windows causes
strange / corrupted errors that talk about hard links like:

++ cp -a C:/cerbero/cerbero-sources .
cp: will not create hard link `./cerbero-sources/gstreamer-1.0/subprojects/gst-plugins-good/sys/osxaudio' to directory `./cerbero-sources/cargo-c-0.9.12/cargo-vendor/adler/benches'

So, delete it. The vendored sources are cached by cargo in its own
cache inside CARGO_HOME, which is build/rust/cargo/ and is preserved
in the image. We won't need to redownload any of this.
WIP: ci: Override WINDOWS_IMAGE variable in cerbero CI if needed

Once Cerbero starts using the new .gitlab-image-tags.yml file to
automatically update the windows image it's using, we need to make
sure that Cerbero CI actually tests that image, otherwise we will
inadvertently break it.


WIP because the image-changed check isn't implemented yet. Just
opening an MR now so I can link to it from the cerbero MR.

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