Commit f44d8c31 authored by Wim Taymans's avatar Wim Taymans
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bin: never skip a state change to PLAYING

Never skip the state change to playing, even if the element is already in the
right state. We need this because we also distribute the base_time while doing
the state change and skipping this step would leave some elements without a new

Fixes #600313
parent a3fdb45a
......@@ -2073,7 +2073,7 @@ gst_bin_element_set_state (GstBin * bin, GstElement * element,
/* Try not to change the state of elements that are already in the state we're
* going to */
if (!(child_pending != GST_STATE_VOID_PENDING ||
if (!(next == GST_STATE_PLAYING || child_pending != GST_STATE_VOID_PENDING ||
(child_pending == GST_STATE_VOID_PENDING &&
((pending > child_current && next > child_current) ||
(pending < child_current && next < child_current)))))
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