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ptp: Add GNU Hurd to the list of supported platforms and fix the Solaris name has
the table of all supported names right now.

Fixes #583

Part-of: <!554>
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......@@ -29,9 +29,11 @@ elif host_system == 'windows'
message('PTP not supported on Windows, not ported yet.')
elif host_system == 'ios'
message('PTP not supported on iOS because of permissions.')
elif ['linux', 'darwin', 'netbsd', 'freebsd', 'openbsd', 'kfreebsd', 'dragonfly', 'solaris'].contains(host_system)
elif ['linux', 'darwin', 'netbsd', 'freebsd', 'openbsd', 'kfreebsd', 'dragonfly', 'sunos', 'gnu'].contains(host_system)
message('PTP supported on ' + host_system + '.')
have_ptp = true
message('PTP not supported on ' + host_system + ', not ported yet.')
if have_ptp
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