Commit cc69b9d9 authored by Damian Vicino's avatar Damian Vicino

Update README to have correct name of the license file documented (COPYING).

There is no LICENSE file in the root directory, and COPYING file content is a license file.
parent ec0e4ae0
......@@ -234,7 +234,7 @@ to easily create an uninstalled setup from scratch.
GStreamer is developed under the terms of the LGPL (see LICENSE file for
GStreamer is developed under the terms of the LGPL (see COPYING file for
details). Some of our plug-ins however rely on libraries which are available
under other licenses. This means that if you are distributing an application
which has a non-GPL compatible license (for instance a closed-source
  • Damian, I think I see two whitespaces between see and COPYING. Please resend.

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