Commit c983df16 authored by Nicolas Dufresne's avatar Nicolas Dufresne Committed by Tim-Philipp Müller
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aggregator: Include min-upstream-latency in buffering time

While we can fixe the upstream latency using the min-upstream-latency, we
are now forced to use queues (hence more thread) in order to store the pending
data whenever we have an upstream source that has lower latency.

This fixes the issue by allowing to buffer the fixed upstream latency. This is
particularly handy on single core systems were having too many threads can
cause serious performance issues.

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......@@ -2908,6 +2908,8 @@ gst_aggregator_get_type (void)
static gboolean
gst_aggregator_pad_has_space (GstAggregator * self, GstAggregatorPad * aggpad)
guint64 max_time_level;
/* Empty queue always has space */
if (aggpad->priv->num_buffers == 0 && aggpad->priv->clipped_buffer == NULL)
return TRUE;
......@@ -2921,8 +2923,13 @@ gst_aggregator_pad_has_space (GstAggregator * self, GstAggregatorPad * aggpad)
if (self->priv->latency == 0)
return FALSE;
/* On top of our latency, we also want to allow buffering up to the
* minimum upstream latency to allow queue free sources with lower then
* upstream latency. */
max_time_level = self->priv->latency + self->priv->upstream_latency_min;
/* Allow no more buffers than the latency */
return (aggpad->priv->time_level <= self->priv->latency);
return (aggpad->priv->time_level <= max_time_level);
/* Must be called with the PAD_LOCK held */
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