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docs: add some more buffer2 ideas

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......@@ -378,5 +378,28 @@ We would like to think of the GstCaps containing the information needed to
functionally negotiate the format between two elements. The Metadata should then
only contain variables that can change between each buffer.
For example, for video we would have width/height/framerate in the caps but then
have the more technical details, such as stride, data pointers, pan/crop/zoom
etc in the metadata.
A scheme like this would still allow us to functionally specify the desired
video resolution while the implementation details would be inside the metadata.
Some structures that we need to be able to add to buffers.
Clean Aperture
Abitrary Matrix Transform
Aspect ratio
Video strides
Some of these overlap, we need to find a minimal set of metadata structures that
allows us to define all use cases.
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