Commit af639383 authored by Wim Taymans's avatar Wim Taymans
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basesink: improve comments

parent b3998146
......@@ -176,9 +176,9 @@ struct _GstBaseSinkClass {
/* notify subclass of query */
gboolean (*query) (GstBaseSink *sink, GstQuery *query);
/* notify subclass of event, preroll buffer or real buffer */
/* notify subclass of event */
gboolean (*event) (GstBaseSink *sink, GstEvent *event);
/* notify subclass of preroll buffer or real buffer */
GstFlowReturn (*preroll) (GstBaseSink *sink, GstBuffer *buffer);
GstFlowReturn (*render) (GstBaseSink *sink, GstBuffer *buffer);
/* Render a BufferList */
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