Commit 9dafa0cb authored by Jan Schmidt's avatar Jan Schmidt Committed by Sebastian Dröge

ptp clock: Wait for ANNOUNCE before selecting a master

Previously, with opportunistic sync we'd track a master
clock as soon as we see a SYNC message, and hence sync up
faster, but then we'd announce we're synched before seeing
the ANNOUNCE, leaving the clock details like grandmaster-clock

A better way is to start tracking the clock opportunistically,
but not announce we're synched until we've also seen the ANNOUNCE.
parent 57ae8a55
......@@ -2371,8 +2371,9 @@ gst_ptp_clock_ensure_domain_clock (GstPtpClock * self)
for (l = domain_clocks; l; l = l->next) {
PtpDomainData *clock_data = l->data;
if (clock_data->domain == self->priv->domain
&& clock_data->last_ptp_time != 0) {
if (clock_data->domain == self->priv->domain &&
clock_data->have_master_clock && clock_data->last_ptp_time != 0) {
GST_DEBUG ("Switching domain clock on domain %d", clock_data->domain);
self->priv->domain_clock = clock_data->domain_clock;
got_clock = TRUE;
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