Commit 9a4f0d8c authored by Tim-Philipp Müller's avatar Tim-Philipp Müller
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configure: move SHAVE_INIT behind all checks

Move SHAVE_INIT behind all other checks, in particular AG_GST_CHECK_CHECKS.
This should fix problems with header checking and checking for localtime_r,
which causes compilation errors with clean checkouts where common/shave has
not been created yet when those checks are run. It seems like SHAVE_INIT
changes the environment so that checks depending on a compiler need shave
to exist at that point, which will fail if AC_OUTPUT hasn't created it yet.

Fixes #605930.
parent 9f99d056
......@@ -657,12 +657,12 @@ AS_AC_EXPAND(GST_PLUGIN_SCANNER_INSTALLED,${libexecdir}/gstreamer-$GST_MAJORMINO
"$GST_PLUGIN_SCANNER_INSTALLED", [location of the installed gst-plugin-scanner])
dnl things for our internal libcheck (must be called even if building
dnl libcheck is disabled because it defines conditionals)
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