Commit 8e92cb4a authored by Wim Taymans's avatar Wim Taymans
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pad: fix comment

parent 7460321a
......@@ -2181,10 +2181,10 @@ gst_pad_get_caps_unlocked (GstPad * pad)
GST_CAT_DEBUG_OBJECT (GST_CAT_CAPS, pad, "get pad caps");
/* If the parent element is in GST_STATE_NULL, return the template caps */
/* If the pad is not negotiable, return the template caps */
"parent element is in GST_STATE_NULL, using pad templates");
"pad is not negotiable, using pad template");
result = gst_caps_ref (GST_PAD_TEMPLATE_CAPS (GST_PAD_PAD_TEMPLATE (pad)));
goto done;
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