gsttaskpool: Do not block tasks while cleaning up the taskpool

There is a deadlock if any thread from the pool tries to push
a new task while other thread is waiting for the pool of threads
to finish. With this patch the thread will get an error when it
tries to add a new task while the taskpool is being cleaned up.
parent b5286f05
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......@@ -81,15 +81,19 @@ default_prepare (GstTaskPool * pool, GError ** error)
static void
default_cleanup (GstTaskPool * pool)
GThreadPool *pool_;
if (pool->pool) {
pool_ = pool->pool;
pool->pool = NULL;
if (pool_) {
/* Shut down all the threads, we still process the ones scheduled
* because the unref happens in the thread function.
* Also wait for currently running ones to finish. */
g_thread_pool_free (pool->pool, FALSE, TRUE);
pool->pool = NULL;
g_thread_pool_free (pool_, FALSE, TRUE);
static gpointer
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