Commit 50fdaa4f authored by Stefan Kost's avatar Stefan Kost
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dump2dot: don't use GST_TIME_FORMAT when building filenames. fixes #574623

parent da0060d3
......@@ -663,8 +663,11 @@ _gst_debug_bin_to_dot_file_with_ts (GstBin * bin, GstDebugGraphDetails details,
/* add timestamp */
elapsed = GST_CLOCK_DIFF (_priv_gst_info_start_time,
gst_util_get_timestamp ());
/* we don't use GST_TIME_FORMAT as such filenames would fail on some
* filesystems like fat */
ts_file_name =
g_strdup_printf ("%" GST_TIME_FORMAT "-%s", GST_TIME_ARGS (elapsed),
g_strdup_printf ("%u.%02u.%02u.%09u-%s", GST_TIME_ARGS (elapsed),
_gst_debug_bin_to_dot_file (bin, details, ts_file_name);
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