Commit 4a5552bf authored by Wim Taymans's avatar Wim Taymans
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fakesink: use method to set sync property

Use the basesink method to configure the sync property instead of poking the
parent structure.
parent 2ced5a5d
......@@ -262,12 +262,13 @@ gst_fake_sink_init (GstFakeSink * fakesink, GstFakeSinkClass * g_class)
fakesink->silent = DEFAULT_SILENT;
fakesink->dump = DEFAULT_DUMP;
GST_BASE_SINK (fakesink)->sync = DEFAULT_SYNC;
fakesink->last_message = g_strdup (DEFAULT_LAST_MESSAGE);
fakesink->state_error = DEFAULT_STATE_ERROR;
fakesink->signal_handoffs = DEFAULT_SIGNAL_HANDOFFS;
fakesink->num_buffers = DEFAULT_NUM_BUFFERS;
g_static_rec_mutex_init (&fakesink->notify_lock);
gst_base_sink_set_sync (GST_BASE_SINK (fakesink), DEFAULT_SYNC);
static void
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