Commit 41e9ca9b authored by Mark Nauwelaerts's avatar Mark Nauwelaerts
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basetransform: remove automatic and undocumented setting of always_in_place

... which controls how to (forcibly) deal with (non-)writable data and
is not necessarily related to identical caps.

In particular, it is also not so helpful anymore with a more advanced
GstVideoFilter subclass which always has a transform_ip method currently,
even though its subclass may not have a corresponding _ip method.
parent 007a00cd
......@@ -957,12 +957,6 @@ gst_base_transform_configure_caps (GstBaseTransform * trans, GstCaps * in,
priv->have_same_caps = gst_caps_is_equal (in, out);
GST_DEBUG_OBJECT (trans, "have_same_caps: %d", priv->have_same_caps);
/* If we've a transform_ip method and same input/output caps, set in_place
* by default. If for some reason the sub-class prefers using a transform
* function, it can clear the in place flag in the set_caps */
gst_base_transform_set_in_place (trans,
klass->transform_ip && priv->have_same_caps);
/* Set the passthrough if the class wants passthrough_on_same_caps
* and we have the same caps on each pad */
if (klass->passthrough_on_same_caps)
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