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gstplugin: Fix for UWP build

SetThreadErrorMode() API is available on UWP but flag values
are desktop API only. Since error dialogs don't exist on UWP,
we don't need to suppress it

Part-of: <!1569>
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......@@ -743,18 +743,19 @@ extract_symname (const char *filename)
static char *
get_better_module_load_error (const char *filename, const char *orig_err_msg)
BOOL ret;
BOOL ret = 0;
DWORD mode;
wchar_t *wfilename;
HMODULE handle;
char *err_msg = NULL;
wfilename = g_utf8_to_utf16 (filename, -1, NULL, NULL, NULL);
handle = LoadPackagedLibrary (wfilename, 0);
handle = LoadLibraryW (wfilename);
g_free (wfilename);
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