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meson: Improve certifi documentation on macOS

First, just installing certifi doesn't install the ca-cert in the
right location. The `Install Certificates.command` script also
symlinks the openssl cert.pem to the certifi ca cert file

Second, we can make it more likely that users will notice this if we
make it a warning. If we ever get a bug report about this despite
these measures, we can try to make this an error.
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......@@ -54,14 +54,14 @@ binary in your PATH.
You can find [instructions for Windows below](#windows-prerequisites-setup).
On macOS, you might need to execute "Install Certificates.command" from
the Python folder in the user Applications folder or install it manually:
On macOS, you might need to execute "Install Certificates.command" from the
Python folder in the user Applications folder:
$ pip3 install certifi
$ /Applications/Python\ 3.*/Install\ Certificates.command
It will solve this issue:
Otherwise you will get this error when downloading meson wraps:
urllib.error.URLError: urlopen error [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed
......@@ -48,6 +48,20 @@ if build_system == 'windows' and meson.version().version_compare('<0.60.0')
# On macOS, you have to run "Install Certificates.command" otherwise Python
# doesn't have access to the latest SSL CA Certificates, and Meson will fail to
# download wrap files from websites that use, for example, Let's Encrypt.
# We already recommend this in the README, but add a warning here as well.
# Can't make this an error because the user might be using XCode's Python
# 3 which doesn't have this script.
if build_system == 'darwin'
python3_cacert_file = python3.get_path('data') / 'etc/openssl/cert.pem'
install_cert_cmd = '/Applications/Python @0@/Install Certificates.command'.format(python3.language_version())
if not fs.is_symlink(python3_cacert_file) and fs.is_file(install_cert_cmd)
warning('Please run "@0@" so that Python has access to the latest SSL certificates. Meson might fail to download some wraps without it.'.format(install_cert_cmd))
documented_projects = ''
# Make it possible to use msys2 built zlib which fails
# when not using the mingw toolchain as it uses unistd.h
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