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bin: always mark pending_async_done

When we get an ASYNC_DONE message when a state change was busy, set the
pending_async_done flag so that after the state change completes, the bin can
check if all async elements are finished. Don't only do this for the bin itself
but for all elements.

This fixes some bins in bins that simulate async state changes by posting ASYNC
messages (such as sdpparse in uridecodebin/playbin2).
parent b4e9c87f
......@@ -223,7 +223,7 @@ static GstStateChangeReturn gst_bin_change_state_func (GstElement * element,
static GstStateChangeReturn gst_bin_get_state_func (GstElement * element,
GstState * state, GstState * pending, GstClockTime timeout);
static void bin_handle_async_done (GstBin * bin, GstStateChangeReturn ret,
gboolean is_bin);
gboolean flag_pending);
static void bin_handle_async_start (GstBin * bin, gboolean new_base_time);
static void bin_push_state_continue (BinContinueData * data);
......@@ -775,6 +775,7 @@ message_check (GstMessage * message, MessageFind * target)
eq &= GST_MESSAGE_SRC (message) == target->src;
if (target->types)
eq &= (GST_MESSAGE_TYPE (message) & target->types) != 0;
GST_LOG ("looking at message %p: %d", message, eq);
return (eq ? 0 : 1);
......@@ -2667,7 +2668,8 @@ was_no_preroll:
* This function is called with the OBJECT lock.
static void
bin_handle_async_done (GstBin * bin, GstStateChangeReturn ret, gboolean is_bin)
bin_handle_async_done (GstBin * bin, GstStateChangeReturn ret,
gboolean flag_pending)
GstState current, pending, target;
GstStateChangeReturn old_ret;
......@@ -2782,7 +2784,9 @@ had_error:
GST_CAT_DEBUG_OBJECT (GST_CAT_STATES, bin, "state change busy");
if (is_bin)
/* if we were busy with a state change and we are requested to flag a
* pending async done, we do so here */
if (flag_pending)
bin->priv->pending_async_done = TRUE;
......@@ -3056,7 +3060,6 @@ gst_bin_handle_message_func (GstBin * bin, GstMessage * message)
GstState target;
gboolean is_bin;
GST_DEBUG_OBJECT (bin, "ASYNC_DONE message %p, %s", message,
src ? GST_OBJECT_NAME (src) : "(NULL)");
......@@ -3067,11 +3070,6 @@ gst_bin_handle_message_func (GstBin * bin, GstMessage * message)
if (target <= GST_STATE_READY)
goto ignore_done_message;
/* check if the message came from the bin itself in which case the bin
* will simulate ASYNC behaviour without having ASYNC children (such as
* decodebin2) */
is_bin = (GST_MESSAGE_SRC (message) == GST_OBJECT_CAST (bin));
bin_replace_message (bin, message, GST_MESSAGE_ASYNC_START);
/* if there are no more ASYNC_START messages, everybody posted
* a ASYNC_DONE and we can post one on the bus. When checking, we
......@@ -3081,7 +3079,13 @@ gst_bin_handle_message_func (GstBin * bin, GstMessage * message)
bin_remove_messages (bin, NULL, GST_MESSAGE_ASYNC_DONE);
GST_DEBUG_OBJECT (bin, "async elements commited");
bin_handle_async_done (bin, GST_STATE_CHANGE_SUCCESS, is_bin);
/* when we get an async done message when a state change was busy, we
* need to set the pending_done flag so that at the end of the state
* change we can see if we need to verify pending async elements, hence
* the TRUE argument here. */
bin_handle_async_done (bin, GST_STATE_CHANGE_SUCCESS, TRUE);
} else {
GST_DEBUG_OBJECT (bin, "there are more async elements pending");
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