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docs/pwg/building-boiler.xml: Fix typos, spotted by Thijs Vermeir (#447190).

Original commit message from CVS:
* docs/pwg/building-boiler.xml:
Fix typos, spotted by Thijs Vermeir (#447190).
parent 72d16840
2007-06-14 Tim-Philipp Müller <tim at centricular dot net>
* docs/pwg/building-boiler.xml:
Fix typos, spotted by Thijs Vermeir (#447190).
2007-06-13 Jan Schmidt <>
* docs/plugins/tmpl/.cvsignore:
......@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@ U gst-template/gst-app/src/
easiest way to do this is to copy a template and add functionality
according to your needs. To help you do so, there is a tool in the
<filename class="directory">./gst-plugins/tools/</filename> directory.
This tool, <filename>make_element</filename>, is a command line utillity
This tool, <filename>make_element</filename>, is a command line utility
that creates the boilerplate code for you.
......@@ -116,10 +116,10 @@ U gst-template/gst-app/src/
It is recommened that you reate a copy of the <filename
It is recommended that you create a copy of the <filename
directory before continuing. Do not copy the <filename
class="directory">CVS</filename> direcories though.
class="directory">CVS</filename> directories though.
......@@ -205,11 +205,8 @@ GST_BOILERPLATE (GstMyFilter, gst_my_filter, GstElement, GST_TYPE_ELEMENT);
A long, english, name for the element.
The type of the element, as a hierarchy. The hierarchy is defined by
specifying the top level category, followed by a "/", followed by the
next level category, etc. The type should be defined according to the
guidelines elsewhere in this document. (FIXME: write the guidelines, and
give a better reference to them)
The type of the element, see the docs/design/draft-klass.txt document
in the GStreamer core source tree for details and examples.
A brief description of the purpose of the element.
......@@ -233,7 +230,7 @@ static const GstElementDetails my_filter_details = {
the <function>_base_init ()</function> function, which is part of
the GObject system. The <function>_base_init ()</function> function
should be set for this GObject in the function where you register
the type with Glib.
the type with GLib.
<programlisting><!-- example-begin boilerplate.c c -->
static void
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