Commit 18d5d118 authored by Vincent Penquerc'h's avatar Vincent Penquerc'h
parent 71a2bdea
......@@ -459,11 +459,14 @@ do_post_message_pre (GstStatsTracer * self, guint64 ts, GstElement * elem,
GstElementStats *stats = get_element_stats (self, elem);
const GstStructure *msg_s = gst_message_get_structure (msg);
GstStructure *s = msg_s ? msg_s : gst_structure_new_empty ("dummy");
stats->last_ts = ts;
/* FIXME: work out whether using NULL instead of a dummy struct would work */
gst_tracer_record_log (tr_message, (guint64) (guintptr) g_thread_self (), ts,
stats->index, GST_MESSAGE_TYPE_NAME (msg),
(msg_s ? msg_s : gst_structure_new_empty ("dummy")));
stats->index, GST_MESSAGE_TYPE_NAME (msg), s);
if (s != msg_s)
gst_structure_free (s);
static void
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