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codecs: h265decoder: Fix per-slice leak

As documented, slice header parsed via gst_h265_parser_parse_slice_hdr()
should be cleared, otherwise it would result in memory leak.

Part-of: <!1274>
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...@@ -650,6 +650,12 @@ gst_h265_decoder_parse_slice (GstH265Decoder * self, GstH265NalUnit * nalu, ...@@ -650,6 +650,12 @@ gst_h265_decoder_parse_slice (GstH265Decoder * self, GstH265NalUnit * nalu,
} }
/* NOTE: gst_h265_parser_parse_slice_hdr() allocates array
* GstH265SliceHdr::entry_point_offset_minus1 but we don't use it
* in this h265decoder baseclass at the moment
gst_h265_slice_hdr_free (&priv->current_slice.header);
priv->current_slice.nalu = *nalu; priv->current_slice.nalu = *nalu;
if (priv->current_slice.header.dependent_slice_segment_flag) { if (priv->current_slice.header.dependent_slice_segment_flag) {
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