Commit 0ab950f5 authored by Edward Hervey's avatar Edward Hervey 🤘 Committed by Edward Hervey

bin: Add a new GST_BIN_FLAG_STREAMS_AWARE flag

This flag is to indicate to child elements that they can add and
remove pads at any point in time without re-adding existing ones.

Elements should post before-hand a GST_MESSAGE_STREAM_COLLECTION
parent 6d0d350a
......@@ -42,6 +42,9 @@ G_BEGIN_DECLS
* GstBinFlags:
* @GST_BIN_FLAG_NO_RESYNC: don't resync a state change when elements are
* added or linked in the bin (Since 1.0.5)
* @GST_BIN_FLAG_STREAMS_AWARE: Indicates whether the bin can handle elements
* that add/remove source pads at any point in time without
* first posting a no-more-pads signal (Since 1.10)
* @GST_BIN_FLAG_LAST: the last enum in the series of flags for bins.
* Derived classes can use this as first value in a list of flags.
......@@ -51,6 +54,7 @@ G_BEGIN_DECLS
typedef enum {
/* padding */
} GstBinFlags;
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