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    docs: cosmetic changes in references/decriptions · b40fa2b8
    Sebastian Rasmussen authored
     * fix typo GstBufferFlag -> GstBufferFlags
     * fix typo GstFeatures -> GstCapsFeatures
     * fix typo GstAllocatorParams -> GstAllocationParams
     * fix typo GstContrlSources -> GstControlSource
     * do not refer to gstcheck as an object
     * make references gtk_init() and tcase_set_timeout() not be references
     * gst_element_get_pad() renamed gst_element_get_static_pad()
     * gst_clock_id_wait_async_full() renamed gst_clock_id_wait_async()
     * _drop_element() is really gst_queue_array_drop_element()
     * gst_pad_accept_caps() was removed, do not refer to it
     * separate GST_META_TAG_MEMORY_STR declaration from description
     * do not describe removed gst_collect_pads_collect()
     * correctly link to GstElementClass' virtual set_context()
    Fixes https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=719614
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