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    libs: figure out right export define in configure · 57c8e014
    Tim-Philipp Müller authored
    Add new GST_API_EXPORT in config.h and use that for GST_*_API
    decorators instead of GST_EXPORT.
    The right export define depends on the toolchain and whether
    we're using -fvisibility=hidden or not, so it's better to set it
    to the right thing directly than hard-coding a compiler whitelist
    in the public header.
    We put the export define into config.h instead of passing it via the
    command line to the compiler because it might contain spaces and brackets
    and in the autotools scenario we'd have to pass that through multiple
    layers of plumbing and Makefile/shell escaping and we're just not going
    to be *that* lucky.
    The export define is only used if we're compiling our lib, not by external
    users of the lib headers, so it's not a problem to put it into config.h
    Also, this means all .c files of libs need to include config.h
    to get the export marker defined, so fix up a few that didn't
    include config.h.
    This commit depends on a common submodule commit that makes gst-glib-gen.mak
    add an #include "config.h" to generated enum/marshal .c files for the
    autotools build.
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