Commit 69f2b146 authored by gb's avatar gb

Generate gtk-doc.make from gtkdocize.

parent 5c0ee54d
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ SUBDIRS = debian gst-libs pkgconfig sys tests docs
aclocal.m4 compile config.guess config.sub \
configure depcomp install-sh \ missing missing gtk-doc.make
deb: dist
-mkdir -p debian-build
#! /bin/sh
GTKDOCIZE=`which gtkdocize`
if test -z $GTKDOCIZE; then
echo "*** No gtk-doc support ***"
echo "EXTRA_DIST =" > gtk-doc.make
gtkdocize || exit $?
# we need to patch gtk-doc.make to support pretty output with
# libtool 1.x. Should be fixed in the next version of gtk-doc.
# To be more resilient with the various versions of gtk-doc one
# can find, just sed gkt-doc.make rather than patch it.
sed -e 's#) --mode=compile#) --tag=CC --mode=compile#' gtk-doc.make > gtk-doc.temp \
&& mv gtk-doc.temp gtk-doc.make
sed -e 's#) --mode=link#) --tag=CC --mode=link#' gtk-doc.make > gtk-doc.temp \
&& mv gtk-doc.temp gtk-doc.make
autoreconf -v --install
./configure "$@"
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