Commit 5e5e2e59 authored by Gwenole Beauchesne's avatar Gwenole Beauchesne

surface: fix typo in debug message.

parent 9b635526
......@@ -679,7 +679,7 @@ gst_vaapi_surface_deassociate_subpicture(
/* First, check subpicture was really associated with this surface */
if (!g_ptr_array_remove_fast(surface->priv->subpictures, subpicture)) {
GST_DEBUG("subpicture %" GST_VAAPI_ID_FORMAT "was not bound to "
GST_DEBUG("subpicture %" GST_VAAPI_ID_FORMAT " was not bound to "
"surface %" GST_VAAPI_ID_FORMAT,
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