Commit 3d9555a8 authored by Adam Jackson's avatar Adam Jackson Committed by Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal

glx: Stop specifying GLX_DEPTH_SIZE

This code is just confused. It's asking for at least as many bits of
(z-axis) depth as the root window has bits of (color) depth. For rgb565
or rgb888 this is harmless, but at 10 bits per channel this demands a
30-bit or deeper Z buffer. While some hardware could in principle do a
32-bit Z buffer, Mesa does not expose such fbconfigs (at least on Intel
and AMD).

We're not actually using the Z buffer, so just stop asking for one.
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Subproject commit 59cb678164719ff59dcf6c8b93df4617a1075d11
Subproject commit 3fa2c9e372bceec30be91e67fb02b6cb05bed493
......@@ -852,8 +852,6 @@ gl_create_pixmap_object (Display * dpy, guint width, guint height)
/* Initialize FBConfig attributes */
for (attr = fbconfig_attrs; *attr != GL_NONE; attr += 2);
*attr++ = GLX_DEPTH_SIZE;
*attr++ = wattr.depth;
if (wattr.depth == 32) {
*attr++ = GLX_ALPHA_SIZE;
*attr++ = 8;
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