1. 28 Jan, 2013 2 commits
    • Gwenole Beauchesne's avatar
      wayland: fix frame_redraw callback. · 23c6053b
      Gwenole Beauchesne authored
      The redraw callback needs to be attached to the surface prior to the
      commit. Otherwise, the callback notifies the next surface repaint,
      which is not the desired behaviour. i.e. we want to be notified for
      the surface we have just filled.
      Another isse was the redraw_pending was reset before the actual completion
      of the frame redraw callback function, thus causing concurrency issues.
      e.g. the callback could have been called again, but with a NULL buffer.
    • Gwenole Beauchesne's avatar
      wayland: fix display sharing. · 087bf30c
      Gwenole Beauchesne authored
      When the Wayland display is shared, we still have to create our own local
      shell and compositor objects, since they are not propagated from the cache.
      Likewise, we also need to determine the display size or vaapisink would
      fail to account for the display aspect ratio, and will try to create a 0x0
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