Commit d152ab1d authored by He Junyan's avatar He Junyan Committed by GStreamer Marge Bot
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libs: decoder: av1: Clean the film_grain_info field.

We need to clean all film_grain_info fields when the film grain
feature is not enabled. It may have random data because the picture
parameter buffer is not cleaned.

Part-of: <!434>
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......@@ -372,9 +372,10 @@ av1_fill_film_grain_info (VADecPictureParameterBufferAV1 * pic_param,
guint i;
if (!frame_header->film_grain_params.apply_grain)
if (!frame_header->film_grain_params.apply_grain) {
memset (&pic_param->film_grain_info, 0, sizeof (VAFilmGrainStructAV1));
pic_param->SUB_FIELD.FP = (frame_header)->film_grain_params.FP
#define SUB_FIELD film_grain_info.film_grain_info_fields.bits
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