build: Add meson's option package-origin.

This options is added to synchronize with other gstreamer packages
build configuration.

Though, to avoid breaking distro configuration it is set, as default,
the issues gitlab's url, instead of the used string
"Unkown package origin".

Also, set_quoted is used for string based cdata.
parent 222dc8d7
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......@@ -126,14 +126,14 @@ if driverdir == ''
cdata = configuration_data()
cdata.set('GST_API_VERSION_S', '"@0@.@1@"'.format(gst_version_major, gst_version_minor))
cdata.set('PACKAGE', '"gstreamer-vaapi"')
cdata.set('VERSION', '"@0@"'.format(gst_version))
cdata.set('PACKAGE_VERSION', '"@0@"'.format(gst_version))
cdata.set('PACKAGE_NAME', '"GStreamer VA-API Plug-ins"')
cdata.set('PACKAGE_STRING', '"GStreamer VA-API Plug-ins @0@"'.format(gst_version))
cdata.set('PACKAGE_BUGREPORT', '""')
cdata.set('VA_DRIVERS_PATH', '"@0@"'.format(driverdir))
cdata.set_quoted('GST_API_VERSION_S', '@0@.@1@'.format(gst_version_major, gst_version_minor))
cdata.set_quoted('PACKAGE', 'gstreamer-vaapi')
cdata.set_quoted('VERSION', '@0@'.format(gst_version))
cdata.set_quoted('PACKAGE_VERSION', '@0@'.format(gst_version))
cdata.set_quoted('PACKAGE_NAME', 'GStreamer VA-API Plug-ins')
cdata.set_quoted('PACKAGE_STRING', 'GStreamer VA-API Plug-ins @0@'.format(gst_version))
cdata.set_quoted('PACKAGE_BUGREPORT', get_option('package-origin'))
cdata.set_quoted('VA_DRIVERS_PATH', '@0@'.format(driverdir))
cdata.set10('USE_DRM', USE_DRM)
cdata.set10('USE_EGL', USE_EGL)
......@@ -10,3 +10,6 @@ option('examples', type : 'feature', value : 'auto', yield : true)
option('tests', type : 'feature', value : 'auto', yield : true)
option('doc', type : 'feature', value : 'auto', yield: true,
description: 'Enable documentation.')
option('package-origin', type : 'string',
value : '""',
yield : true, description : 'package origin URL to use in plugins')
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