Commit 34162f50 authored by Gwenole Beauchesne's avatar Gwenole Beauchesne

h264: handle end-of-stream NALU.

Handle <end-of-stream> NAL unit to actually flush any pending picture
from the DPB.
parent 236e8833
...@@ -2743,6 +2743,7 @@ decode_unit(GstVaapiDecoderH264 *decoder, GstVaapiDecoderUnit *unit) ...@@ -2743,6 +2743,7 @@ decode_unit(GstVaapiDecoderH264 *decoder, GstVaapiDecoderUnit *unit)
status = decode_slice(decoder, unit); status = decode_slice(decoder, unit);
break; break;
case GST_H264_NAL_SEQ_END: case GST_H264_NAL_SEQ_END:
status = decode_sequence_end(decoder); status = decode_sequence_end(decoder);
break; break;
case GST_H264_NAL_SEI: case GST_H264_NAL_SEI:
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