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......@@ -45280,11 +45280,11 @@ determine a order for the two provided values.</doc>
<doc xml:space="preserve">The micro version of GStreamer at compile time:</doc>
<type name="gint" c:type="gint"/>
<constant name="VERSION_MINOR" value="16" c:type="GST_VERSION_MINOR">
<constant name="VERSION_MINOR" value="17" c:type="GST_VERSION_MINOR">
<doc xml:space="preserve">The minor version of GStreamer at compile time:</doc>
<type name="gint" c:type="gint"/>
<constant name="VERSION_NANO" value="0" c:type="GST_VERSION_NANO">
<constant name="VERSION_NANO" value="1" c:type="GST_VERSION_NANO">
<doc xml:space="preserve">The nano version of GStreamer at compile time:
Actual releases have 0, GIT versions have 1, prerelease versions have 2-...</doc>
<type name="gint" c:type="gint"/>
......@@ -2759,13 +2759,13 @@ in debugging.</doc>
<type name="gint" c:type="gint"/>
<doc xml:space="preserve">The minor version of GStreamer's gst-plugins-base libraries at compile time.</doc>
<type name="gint" c:type="gint"/>
<doc xml:space="preserve">The nano version of GStreamer's gst-plugins-base libraries at compile time.
Actual releases have 0, GIT versions have 1, prerelease versions have 2-...</doc>
project('gstreamer-sharp', ['cs', 'c'], version: '1.16.0',
project('gstreamer-sharp', ['cs', 'c'], version: '',
meson_version: '>=0.48', license: 'LGPL')
if host_machine.system() == 'osx'
......@@ -18,8 +18,8 @@ namespace Gst.PbUtils {
public const string ENCODING_CATEGORY_STORAGE_EDITING = @"storage-editing";
public const int PLUGINS_BASE_VERSION_MAJOR = 1;
public const int PLUGINS_BASE_VERSION_MICRO = 0;
public const int PLUGINS_BASE_VERSION_MINOR = 16;
public const int PLUGINS_BASE_VERSION_NANO = 0;
public const int PLUGINS_BASE_VERSION_MINOR = 17;
public const int PLUGINS_BASE_VERSION_NANO = 1;
......@@ -166,8 +166,8 @@ namespace Gst {
public const int VALUE_UNORDERED = 2;
public const int VERSION_MAJOR = 1;
public const int VERSION_MICRO = 0;
public const int VERSION_MINOR = 16;
public const int VERSION_NANO = 0;
public const int VERSION_MINOR = 17;
public const int VERSION_NANO = 1;
......@@ -11703,8 +11703,8 @@
<constant value="2" ctype="gint" gtype="gint" name="VALUE_UNORDERED" />
<constant value="1" ctype="gint" gtype="gint" name="VERSION_MAJOR" />
<constant value="0" ctype="gint" gtype="gint" name="VERSION_MICRO" />
<constant value="16" ctype="gint" gtype="gint" name="VERSION_MINOR" />
<constant value="0" ctype="gint" gtype="gint" name="VERSION_NANO" />
<constant value="17" ctype="gint" gtype="gint" name="VERSION_MINOR" />
<constant value="1" ctype="gint" gtype="gint" name="VERSION_NANO" />
<class name="Parse" cname="GstParse" disable_void_ctor="1">
<method name="ParseBinFromDescription" cname="gst_parse_bin_from_description" shared="true">
......@@ -20938,8 +20938,8 @@
<constant value="storage-editing" ctype="gchar*" gtype="gchar*" name="ENCODING_CATEGORY_STORAGE_EDITING" />
<constant value="1" ctype="gint" gtype="gint" name="PLUGINS_BASE_VERSION_MAJOR" />
<constant value="0" ctype="gint" gtype="gint" name="PLUGINS_BASE_VERSION_MICRO" />
<constant value="16" ctype="gint" gtype="gint" name="PLUGINS_BASE_VERSION_MINOR" />
<constant value="0" ctype="gint" gtype="gint" name="PLUGINS_BASE_VERSION_NANO" />
<constant value="17" ctype="gint" gtype="gint" name="PLUGINS_BASE_VERSION_MINOR" />
<constant value="1" ctype="gint" gtype="gint" name="PLUGINS_BASE_VERSION_NANO" />
<namespace name="Gst.Rtp" library="libgstrtp-1.0-0.dll">
......@@ -12828,8 +12828,8 @@
<constant value="2" ctype="gint" gtype="gint" name="VALUE_UNORDERED"/>
<constant value="1" ctype="gint" gtype="gint" name="VERSION_MAJOR"/>
<constant value="0" ctype="gint" gtype="gint" name="VERSION_MICRO"/>
<constant value="16" ctype="gint" gtype="gint" name="VERSION_MINOR"/>
<constant value="0" ctype="gint" gtype="gint" name="VERSION_NANO"/>
<constant value="17" ctype="gint" gtype="gint" name="VERSION_MINOR"/>
<constant value="1" ctype="gint" gtype="gint" name="VERSION_NANO"/>
<namespace name="GstApp" library="gstapp-1.0">
......@@ -21012,8 +21012,8 @@
<constant value="storage-editing" ctype="gchar*" gtype="gchar*" name="ENCODING_CATEGORY_STORAGE_EDITING"/>
<constant value="1" ctype="gint" gtype="gint" name="PLUGINS_BASE_VERSION_MAJOR"/>
<constant value="0" ctype="gint" gtype="gint" name="PLUGINS_BASE_VERSION_MICRO"/>
<constant value="16" ctype="gint" gtype="gint" name="PLUGINS_BASE_VERSION_MINOR"/>
<constant value="0" ctype="gint" gtype="gint" name="PLUGINS_BASE_VERSION_NANO"/>
<constant value="17" ctype="gint" gtype="gint" name="PLUGINS_BASE_VERSION_MINOR"/>
<constant value="1" ctype="gint" gtype="gint" name="PLUGINS_BASE_VERSION_NANO"/>
<namespace name="GstRtp" library="gstrtp-1.0">
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