Commit 6871e501 authored by Sebastian Dröge's avatar Sebastian Dröge 🍵

webrtc: Generate various new enum types that were added in 1.14.1/1.16

parent e0d345fb
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......@@ -29,6 +29,12 @@ generate = [
manual = [
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......@@ -21,14 +21,26 @@ mod web_rtc_session_description;
pub use self::web_rtc_session_description::WebRTCSessionDescription;
mod enums;
#[cfg(any(feature = "v1_16", feature = "dox"))]
pub use self::enums::WebRTCBundlePolicy;
pub use self::enums::WebRTCDTLSSetup;
pub use self::enums::WebRTCDTLSTransportState;
#[cfg(any(feature = "v1_16", feature = "dox"))]
pub use self::enums::WebRTCDataChannelState;
#[cfg(any(feature = "v1_14_1", feature = "dox"))]
pub use self::enums::WebRTCFECType;
pub use self::enums::WebRTCICEComponent;
pub use self::enums::WebRTCICEConnectionState;
pub use self::enums::WebRTCICEGatheringState;
pub use self::enums::WebRTCICERole;
#[cfg(any(feature = "v1_16", feature = "dox"))]
pub use self::enums::WebRTCICETransportPolicy;
pub use self::enums::WebRTCPeerConnectionState;
#[cfg(any(feature = "v1_16", feature = "dox"))]
pub use self::enums::WebRTCPriorityType;
pub use self::enums::WebRTCRTPTransceiverDirection;
#[cfg(any(feature = "v1_16", feature = "dox"))]
pub use self::enums::WebRTCSCTPTransportState;
pub use self::enums::WebRTCSDPType;
pub use self::enums::WebRTCSignalingState;
pub use self::enums::WebRTCStatsType;
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